Toilet Flushable

CHOWSING cat litter dissolves water 3 seconds and melts like toilet paper. It flush the poop right away and the toilet doesn’t clog. Flushable litter make the scooping a simple task.

Odor Control

Nano composite control odor perfectly and obviously. 24H ammonia removal rate reached 91.7%. Absorb urine and faeces for 3X better odor control than other leading competitors’ litter.

100% NATURAL Ingredients

Use natural clumping formula---soybean meal+ corn starch + natural vegetable gum. Harmless if pet swallowed. The light tofu milk scent is very pleasant and not overwhelming.

3-second Clumping

Particle Diameter of 2.0 mm have better wrapping effect and make clumping fastly and tightly, do not crumble apart when scooping and not stick litter box when it's wet. Save your much money.

Dust Free

3 times---dust removal procedure. First time remove 60% dust, second time remove 80% dust, the third time remove 99% dust. Free dust makes the environment more comfortable.

No Tracking

Strong clumping doesn’t disperse urinary masses. Cat shaves litter doesn’t dirty cats’ claws. Small particle is soft enough for them , yet not so tiny that the particles track all over.



"This is surprisingly a really wonderful product. It can flush to toilet. Very convenient. There’s no dust at all and clumps exceptionally well. The urine ordor controls perfectly which I’m sensitive to. My cats love the CHOWSING tofu cat litter."

---- Bryan Cole

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Buyers Talk about Our Litter

It's pretty cat litter, my girls have never had issue with it. My favorite clumping cat litter. It works very effectively, just need 3-Second Clumping, easy to scoop up to keep the tray clean, and the area remains odor free. So I will definitely buy it again.

Kristin Sotos

GUYS GUYS GUYS. Are you tired of inhaling dust every time you clean the litter box? This cat litter can flush to toilet. AMAZING !!! Don't worry itwill block your toilet, it will immediately dissolve in the water. Scooping is a simple task for me now.

Susie Kistner

Our family has tried so many different types of litter for our two cats over the years and this one is the best. It doesn't "stick" to the sides or bottom of pan when it's wet. The dust is very minimal when pouring it in the box.  I would highly recommend this litter. 

Heather Reeves

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