Make your 2020 holiday season extra festive and memorable by including your furry family members in the merriment. Our pets are members of the family, and even though they may not understand what all the fuss is about during the holiday season, that doesn't mean they won't enjoy getting presents. We take a look at the best fantastic cat gift given to your furry friend for this Christmas....

1. A cozy cat cave

A cozy cat cave to help ease their anxiety by giving them their own private space that feels safe and warm. The gift of having somewhere to curl up and rest comfortably is one of the best things you can give your moggie companion at Christmas. And don’t worry if they already have one; cats can sleep anywhere around the home, so buying multiple products is a great way to spoil them. your cat will be able to rest both comfortably and glamorously over the festive season.


2. A scratching post

A scratching post is super important for a cat’s physical and mental health. scratching is a way for cats to “mark their territory, and it keeps their claws in good shape. If your fur baby is a particularly active little soul, a scratching post can help relieve boredom, as well as give them a perfect manicure and an alternative means of marking their territory. Plus, it adds a pop of fun to any home decor.


3. Some toy mice to chase

Interactive chasers are a sure-fire way to guarantee your cat has an exciting Christmas. Cats are natural hunters, so get them something to practice their predator skills. The sporadic, prey-like movements of this interactive toy will grab your cat’s attention right away, encouraging them to exercise both their mental and physical prowess. A successful hunt is sure to boost their kitty confidence, too.

4. A few bags of Eco-friendly tofu cat litter

Tofu cat litter dissolves fastly in the toilet. You don’t have to continuously waste plastic bags on cat waste. Make cat's parents life convenient. Made with soy and corn, all natural ingredients. Harmless if cat eat this cat litter. Our tofu cat litter is biodegradable. No harmful for our earth environment. Also it is compostable. Great for feeding plants. Natural and safe tofu cat litter is the great christmas gift for your furry friends.

5. An amazing cat condo

Cats like to climb to high places, such as shelves, cabinets or sofa backs. This is the instinct of being a cat. The strong hind legs of cats enable them to jump high, easily climb onto bookshelves and even closets, in order to overlook their territory. At the same time, climbing is also conducive to the cat's movement development. When they were little milk cats, climbing was a way to improve their balance, flexibility and promote muscle growth. Adult cats also need to climb to get physical exercise. 


6. A cute collar with bell for the holidays

A cute collar is not only for the cat to be more interesting and beautiful, but also because the cat is really too quiet. If your house is a bit big, it is really difficult to find him. I often wonder if my cat ran out or lost it. After having bells, it is obvious that the presence of cats at home has increased a lot. 

7. A warming cat bed

A cat’s comfort zone starts at around 82 degrees and they’d appreciate the added warmth of a heated bed. Angie Krause, a holistic veterinarian and consultant for I and Love and You pet food, agreed that “cats love to be warm,” and suggested this style of bed.

 8. A Cat Tunnel

Does your cat like climbing into bags, cabinets and other enclosed spaces? Then they’ll mistle-totally love this pet Christmas gift. Cat can sprint through all the little tunnels. And then slink up into a little ball in one of the unicorn arms, all cozy. it also folds down to a compact ring that’s easy to store even in small spaces.

 9. A Catnip Toy-Yellow Banana

Why every cat we’ve ever owned was obsessed with this banana toy, choosing it over toys that squeak, move, or were just way more expensive. So we felt validated when Wood called it the “best catnip toy” because it’s the “perfect shape” for cats to sniff, snuggle, and kick, and it’s better than “lots of crap catnip out there.” We’ve had cats with very different interests and personalities, and all of them have gnawed on the banana until it’s covered in cat drool.

 10. A wand toy

Shaw said that “keeping cats physiologically enriched will make them less inclined toward destructive behaviors.” One of the best ways to get cats up on their toes — and in the air — are wand toys and teasers, which would make great gifts for owners dealing with misbehaving cats. Along with staving off boredom, Delgado said “playing with your cat provides them with exercise and can be a great way to bond.” These toys from cat behaviorist and My Cat From Hell host Jackson Galaxy’s collection were top picks among experts. The air-prey version, for cats that enjoy leaping into the air, is Shaw’s personal favorite.


Cats love being treated as much as people, and sometimes it’s hard figuring out what they’d like. However, we can help point you in the right direction to finding those purrfect prezzies, and that way the promise of a fun-filled Christmas with your cat is all but guaranteed.