July cat

Dandelion walking in summer

On hair loss

No one is exception

This annual physiological hair removal

This is to regulate self temperature

Greet the summer and have a baptism

But it is enough to make the cat owner collapse

It even becomes an invisible killer that invisiblely kills the health of cats.



His/Her Licking

Sometimes fatal

This cat is the owner of the event

Because a lot of hair is swallowed

Gemma almost lost his life

If the furry children in the family are long-haired cats with dense hair like Gemma, the cat owners need to pay extra attention during the hair removal period.

Gemma, who can't eat cat food, is losing weight

Later, the little guy started to nausea frequently

Hair loss is getting worse

Even licking plastic bags often

This makes the owner have to worry

So he drove the cat to the hospital for examination

Gemma's stomach is blocked with large foreign bodies that cannot be expelled

Analysis from the shape of foreign body

It’s a hairball.

The owner never thought

Gemma's daily hair licking

So much hair can be brought into the stomach

Hairballs that occupy almost the entire stomach volume

It's impossible to drain by yourself

Only a surgical operation can relieve the cat’s pain

Fortunately, the operation was very successful

Gemma is safe

This is from Jiema's stomach

Huge hairball

May cause discomfort, so after mosaic treatment

Weight 215g

125mm in diameter

There are 3 volumes of table tennis

The doctor said if the hairballs still pile up

Will pose a huge threat to Gemma’s life in the short term

Cats like Gemma suffering from hairball disease

There are still many in life

This is especially noticeable during the moulting season

And it happens to the long-haired cat

Compared to short-haired cats, long-haired cats have a higher risk of hairball disease! Especially during the hair-changing season, hair balls will form more easily. Generally speaking, spitting hair balls once or twice a week do not need to worry too much. However, if your cat suffers from decreased appetite, depression, and repeated nausea and swallowing foreign bodies, you need to seek medical attention in a timely manner. Serious situations can even endanger lives, and must not be ignored!

Some research found

Modern domestic pet cat

Spend 30% of the day on hair licking

Almost 8 hours per day

Swallowing hair continuously

Can this stomach be uncomfortable?

*According to statistics, cats spend 30% of their time licking their hair every day.

------Source: Journal | "Red Scarf·Explore"

Although it is impossible to change the habits of cats

But to avoid hairball disease

Helping cats get rid of hair is imperative

4 solutions

Resolve the fur ball crisis
One: Combing hair often

Combing hair helps cats reduce swallowing of hair

One of the most effective and economical methods

At the same time, comb off the loose hair on the body surface

It’s also a good opportunity to check the cat’s body.

See if his/her hair is complete

Whether there is bald hair/skin lumps

Or wounds and hidden fleas, etc.

It is recommended that shorthair cats be combed 3 to 4 times a week

Longhair cats and overweight cats

Comb once a day

Two: increase daily interaction

If the cat is facing anxiety/anxiety and stress

Or a sudden change in the environment

He/She will also lick their hair to calm themselves down

Because licking hair will promote the release of endorphins in the brain

Make the cats feel relaxed and happy

At this time, it is necessary to regularly observe the status of TA

Give comfort and increase interaction

Reduce cat's excessive hair licking behavior

Three: feeding cat grass/hair ball

Increase fiber intake

Can accelerate cat's gastrointestinal motility

Helps quickly expel hair balls from the body

Cat grass will be a good choice

But it needs to be shoved

And some cats may not like to eat

This requires the "Hua Mao artifact"

The help of the wool ball

Rich in prebiotics and natural plant fiber

Specially added psyllium, chicory root powder

Barley grass and precious papain and other ingredients

Promotes gastrointestinal motility while balancing intestinal flora

Safer hair removal is gentler