Like to take the train, choose a good destination, from the starting point to the end of the journey, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, but also gradually loose your thoughts;

Quietly listening to music, reading a book, or daydreaming in a daze; some people like to take the train because no matter what they are worrying about, they will eventually have a solution before they reach their destination safely.

Sometimes the journey is too long, and there will eventually be a boring moment. If there are a group of cute cats by your side at this time, it would be great~

Can I also enjoy the company of cats by train? This incredible super-healing combination was realized by the Yoro Railway in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. This is the only one [Cat Cafe Train] in the world. Passengers take the train while boarding more than 30 cats. Play together, and if you have fate, you can adopt them directly to help these cats find a happy destination~


Original Intention

Rescue the poor kitten

This activity is a collaboration between the prefectural cat cafe [Kitten Coffee Sanctuary] and the train operator [Yoro Railway] (Yoro Railway) in Ogaki City; 

Driving from Ogaki Station to Ikeno Station is Japan’s first attempt to open a cat cafe during a train movement. The purpose is to awaken more people’s attention to the problem of stray cats.

These cats are different from the expensive breeds in the cat cafes we are familiar with. They are the most common stray cats;

These cats that were almost euthanized were first rescued by the Cat Cafe and then placed in the train cafe, hoping to find a new owner in this event.


Act of kindness

Adoption platform on the train

This event attracted many true cat lovers, with a total of 80 places, which were sold out as soon as it was launched! The activity fee is 3000 yen;

Including the intimate contact with the cats in the carriage, passengers will receive a lunch box, refreshments and a ticket for unlimited rides on the Yoro Railway on the day.

Part of the surplus will also be used in [Kitten Coffee Sanctuary] to promote the protection of cats.

The kittens on these trains also seem to know that they are participating in a meaningful activity, so they are not afraid of people at all, they are still climbing up and down the train, they look quite cute~

The income from operating the cat train is used to buy rations for these stray cats, and by the way, an adoption platform for caring people to apply for adoption after boarding, giving these cats a permanent home.



The right to live

According to incomplete statistics, there were approximately 9.8 million cats in Japan in 2014. Many pets were abandoned without sterilization, which led to stray pregnancy and more and more births;

The number of stray pets has increased dramatically. When shelters cannot accommodate them, they will face euthanasia if they are not adopted in time.

As a result, Japan has spawned many non-profit organizations, constantly promoting adoptions and calling for "adoption instead of purchase" in various places, which greatly reduces the chance of euthanasia for stray pets and gives these poor little lives hope for survival.

Passengers who have participated in the cat coffee train said that it was a great experience for people to learn about stray cats through such activities. She also adopted two lovely stray cats.