Due to the fearful COVID-19, for the safety of our pets, to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by taking pets out of the house, most pets can only stay at home and obey the arrangement of the pet owner.

For pet owners who keep cats, as long as they regularly clean up the litter, they can solve the problem of cats' daily defecation; pet owners who keep dogs are not so simple.

Especially before the epidemic, there are dogs who go out for a walk to excrete habits; During this extraordinary period, in order to protect the safety of dogs, training dogs to fix excretion at home is one of the upgrade skills of dog families that need to learn urgently .                                        


Dogs need to adapt to new environments, especially puppies. First of all, find a place where you need to train your pet to excrete, such as the toilet, balcony, or any corner of the home, provided that it is away from the resting and eating area of the dog. Normally, dogs do not like to excrete at eating and resting area.

Puppies do not know how to hold their urine. They basically go to excrete after 15-30 minutes of eating. During this period, the pet owner can take the pet to a designated place for excretion. Keep accompany and give instruction prompts, until finish the excretion, the time of companionship is shortened one by one, until the dogs can independently develop the habit of fixed-point toilet.

▼Tips;During the training of puppies, you can temporarily ignore the pet's mistakes and only reward the behavior of the pet pair, the training effect will be faster.

Adult dog

Adult dogs are not easy to correct the habits they have developed, especially dogs who have been used to walking and going to excrete before. They need to be corrected slowly, through continuous repeated practice, and patient companionship and rewards.

First, prepare a dog toilet at home and lay out a pad; for some adult dogs who are not used to excrete indoors, it is appropriate to spray a training spray on the dog toilet or pad, and leave the dog with this smell Signal to go to the toilet.

When adult dogs successfully use the dog toilet to excrete, promptly use simple and clear instructions to appease and reward the dog, let the pet form a memory point, and promote the habit of regular excretion at home.

Tips:Dogs understand their owners through their movements and emotions; in order to avoid the situation where dogs continue to perform bowel movements in order to obtain food, they can be punished by speaking or touching gently.

Dogs are born with good hygiene concepts, as long as the correct guidance, seize the opportunity for the dog to go to the toilet, reward and punishment moderate, more patience and companionship, learn to excrete at home, protect pets, and spend this extraordinary period safely .