Cat litter can be understood as a cat’s toilet. It's just that we are used to flushing toilets, while cats are used to using cat litter. Cats use cat litter to go to the toilet in the litter box, which can cover the smell to the greatest extent. However, there are so many types of cat litter, do you know which cat litter is most suitable?

The types of cat litter sold on the market can be roughly divided into "bentonite clay cat litter", "tofu cat litter", "crystal cat litter" and "pine cat litter". How to choose cat litter is a headache for the shoveling officer. Today, I will choose a few commonly used cat litter to compare the advantages and disadvantages. Let the shovel officer better choose the cat litter that suits him.

Bentonite clay cat litter:

PROS: fast water absorption, good burying and deodorizing effect, slow use and consumption

CONS: high dust, high take-out rate, unable to flush the toilet

Pine cat litter:

PROS: not easy to be taken out, low dust

CONS: poor taste, poor deodorizing effect after use

The powder does not clump, and require a special litter box to use

Crystal cat litter:

PROS: good senses, low dust

CONS: does not clump, high consumption

Tofu cat litter:

PROS: fast water absorption, good deodorization effect, low dust, low carry-out rate, and can flush the toilet

CONS: fast consumption and expensive

Cats are very sensitive to the environment and their personal belongings, as are toilets and cat litter. Therefore, the shovel officer should clean up diligently, so as to create a clean and fresh private environment for the cat, so that the cat can grow up healthy and happy.

Finally, it is recommended that the shoveling officer should choose pure natural and dust-free cat litter for the cat's health.