Eating, drinking, pooping and sleeping is the most important thing for humans, but it is also the most important thing for cats. The clean or unclean litter box of a cat will directly affect whether the cat will shit indiscriminately. So today, how to clean the cat litter box correctly?


Clean the litter box at least twice a day

Clean up once in the morning and night to avoid accumulation of excrement and dirt. At present, most of the cat litter boxes on the market are made of plastic. Plastic materials are prone to scratches caused by the cat litter, which will lead to the accumulation of excrement and other dirt, which is not easy to remove. .


Completely clean the litter box once a month

Pour out all the old cat litter, use hot water, no special fragrance and mild detergent to clean the chassis and take it to the sun to sterilize. During the cleaning, other cat litter boxes must be prepared to prevent the cat from going to the toilet!!


Sprinkle baking soda to reduce odor and keep the air fresh

After the cat litter box is cleaned, replace it with new cat litter. You can add one-third of the old litter and two-thirds of the new litter to preserve the cat’s own smell. ●If you sprinkle baking soda powder on the bottom of the basin, The deodorizing effect is very good. If the litter box is scratched and old (it is recommended to replace it with a brand new litter box to avoid cats' excretion problems)


In addition, cat excrement has special odor molecules, which only the cat can smell, and it is easy to stick to the cat litter and litter box. If the cat has excretion behavior problems, the excrement smell will be attached to other household environments for a long time. Cats know their living environment and places through smell!!


If the odor is not completely removed, the cat will always excrete in the same place. The odor molecules of the excrement are difficult to be completely removed with ordinary detergents and bleach. You can try the special products that are withdrawn by pet supply companies on the market for cats’ excretion problems. Cleaning products, made of odor molecules that can effectively decompose the cat’s excretion