Through the analysis of the personality and fortune of cat palmistry, help you who love cats thoroughly understand the temperament of cats and find the best way to get along well with cats. Hurry up and pull up your cat’s paws to look it up~

Mr. 曉(あかつき)lives in Shibuya, Tokyo and lives by looking at the palms of people. The guests are mostly models, entertainers, and singers, and they are well-known from afar and received a lot of praise. There is a different interest in cats than ordinary people. Especially like the cat's paws. After a certain fate meeting, he started to look at the palms of cats and made the following conclusions based on non-professional statistics.

First, let’s look at the cat’s forefoot, which of the following shapes it belongs to. If the cat’s left and right paw lengths are different, the type of the left front paw shall prevail.

To according to the shape of the mat, "cat palmistry" is roughly divided into five categories, ABCDE, which are subdivided into 13 shapes.


Type A

Top love shape

The Clingy Cat Who Loves A Baby"

There is a depression at the top of the mat, similar to the upper part of a love heart. Cats with heart-shaped palms are more relatives, they like to be coquettish and company. In addition to interacting with their owners, they are also more willing to be close to strangers~

In addition, type A cats are basically foodies, and they often act like a baby to the shovel officer to eat~

Type B

Top round shape

"Lotte Wild Cat"

Cats with round palms are a popular category among cats. It is suitable for the family life of many cats, but the wild personality loves adventure, and often staged "cats repaying favor" catching some prey and returning to "subsidize the family".

Type B cats are likable, but they are relatively cold and do not like to be coquettish. Do not pay too much attention to them, just keep a proper distance~

Type C

Top flat, slightly raised on both sides

"Elegant and Arrogant Cat"

The front end of the palm is flat, and both sides are slightly raised. C-type cats like to be alone, don't care about other cats, and don't like to care about shit shovel officials, they are elegant and aloof.

Type C cats have a calm personality and are very patient. They are more difficult to show even if they are sick, so they can’t take care of them. However, for cats who love tanning, they are more cooperative cats. You just spend one time on getting a good photo !

Type D

Top flat , small concave in the middle

"Inner Depression Cat"

The shape of the D-shaped palm is somewhat similar to that of the C-shaped palm. The front end of the palm is flat with some small pits in the middle. In addition, there are fewer connecting parts between the center and the side of the palm.

Type D cats are typical arrogant cats, who only get close to humans they recognize, and are completely non-social cats.

If a stranger comes to the house, they will hide in the first place. The appearance looks calm, but the heart is boring, greedy and unrestrained. Taking care of them must pay special attention to the amount of feeding.

Type E

Top triangle

"Little Bullies Cat"

 Cats with triangular palms belong to the E-type cats; they are typically defiant, full of personality, and a little bit fierce. They may even clash with other cats in order to compete for territory. They are commonly known as "little bullies".

"Too fierce! There is no real comparison chart!"

Type E cats are not subject to discipline, often cause trouble, and like to be naughty; it is not easy to see the palms of this cat, so be prepared for the risk of being scratched at any time!


The paws of cats can not only tell us a lot about their personalities, they love to suck their paws. But don’t forget the claw-grinding nature of cats, and take good care of their claws.