For all the cat parents or the furry cats themselves, cat litter is a necessity. There are kinds of cat litter on the market. For new owners, how to choose a cat litter is a problem, because they have acquired less about how to feed a furry one not even to choose a good cat litter. For the adept owners whose responsibility is to find a litter that is much more available and healthy to your furry friend.

Here are three common litter types which were taken in use by majority:

➪ Clay Cat Litter

Main Ingredient: bentonite
Appearance: white or gray spherical particles or irregular particles.
Advantages: It is the most commonly used cat litter, can quickly absorb the moisture in feces and urine and then coagulate into blocks. Just throw the blocks after every use. It’s convenient.
  1. When you refill the box with clay cat litter or every time clean the waste, you will see the fine white powder, even on the furniture surface nearby. The huge dust will affect the health of owner and also your pets.
  2. Bad smell. The stinky smell will appear after 5-7 uses, which can be daily or weekly depending on the number of cats and litter boxes in your home. Sometimes it should be use with baking soda or other fragrance to control odor.
  3. Tracking problem. Due to the litter particles are very small, it is easier to get stuck in the cat's furry paw, and the cat will lick the small sand particles left in the toe after defecation.

➪ Crystal Cat Litter

Crystal cat litter is translucent particle beads or some irregular particles, some of which will be mixed with beads of different colors.
Advantages: It has strong absorption, and the beads will change color after absorbing urine. When the whole basin changes color, it can be replaced completely. Sometimes they used with deodorant, if the using part of the litter accounts less than 50%, the odor controls well and due to the dry surroundings in the litter box, the antibacterial effect is obvious.
Disadvantages: The shape of the particles is sometime angular, it’s not soft for furry paws and often tracked out around the box. When the litter absorbed around 70-80%, the smell of amonia is overwhelming, and the deodorization effect lost. The scooping task become harsh, no one can bear. Drawbacks also include silica crystal litter's tendency toward higher price.


➪ Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu Cat litter is the world’s most innovative cat litter which has ever become increasingly popular for their exceptional toilet flushable, odor control, light weight, and ease of use .
Chowsing Tofu Clumping Cat Litter is made of natural edible ingredient which is bean dregs (by the products of tofu) and corn starch.  

Product Features:
▲Natural Ingredinets&Eco-friendly: The natural material makes the product safe enough for cats even if swallow a bit, it’s totally harmless.     
▲Fast absorption: It turns out in pellet shape with just 2mm diameter. Tiny pellets makes the absorption of water much more quicker than normal ones. Absorbs urine and dries solid waste fast.It is sanitary and convenient. If encounter laxity, also can sucessfully suck into a group, no longer have the trouble that ordinary cat litter can't wrap. When the coagulated litter is gradually consumed, new litter can be added to the litter at any time without giving up the whole basin. But for the health of furry ones, it is suggested that change the whole box once a month.
▲Odor control:Chowsing cat litter apply nano-factor deodorization which can lock the odor in urine or feces tightly, and keep the air in your room fresh and free of peculiar smell, without allergic.
▲Toilet flushable: the natural tofu ingredient can dissolve in water immediately within 3 second. So every time you scoop the litter, just throw the urine and stool clumping into your toilet, and flush it directly, that’s all. No more throw the waste downstairs, no more garbage sorting. No matter is it sunny or rainy outside, no matter how old the owners are, just walking to your wash room, make the scooping an easy task!

It is the world’s best and most innovative cat litter.