Summer is here, and the hot and humid weather makes our appetite poor; whenever this time, we will eat some fruits to cool off the heat; fruits are rich in vitamins, which can not only add water, but also increase appetite and enhance gastrointestinal motility.

For dogs, fruits are also a kind of snacks that can help to increase appetite; but some fruits are not allowed to be eaten by dogs, and even some fruits will endanger his life and are forbidden to eat.

As a dog owner, you must keep in mind; when you are consuming some fruit that dogs cannot eat, you must not take it for a while, and give them a sip, which will not help their health. It will make a big mistake!

Want to give dogs fruit, but not sure if they can feed? CHOWSING helped you consult a professional pet doctor and summarized the types and attributes of their edible and non-edible fruits; proper feeding of edible fruits allows them to feel the joy of enjoying fruits with us~

Edible fruits:

1. Appleis rich in dietary fiber and vitamins A and C. Its pectin can improve the digestion and absorption of dogs. However, it should be noted that apple cores and seeds contain cyanidecan not be eaten, which may seriously cause dogs to breathe hard and coma.

2. Citrusis rich in vitamin C, helps digestion and defecation, peeled and seeded, properly fed, cats are not recommended to eat!

3. Blueberriesare rich in anthocyanins, are strong antioxidants, and are high-quality sources of cellulose, vitamins C and E, and manganese.

    Edible but noticeable fruit: 

    1. Bananascan help intestinal peristalsis, but the potassium content is relatively high, and there are heart and kidney diseases, dogs are not recommended to eat.

    2. Kiwiis rich in vitamin C, but the potassium content is relatively high, and there are heart and kidney diseases, dogs are not recommended to eat.

    3. Watermelon/pearhas more water and diuretic, but the sweetness is high, easy to diarrhea

    4. Cantaloupeis rich in vitamins and minerals, but it has high sweetness and needs to be fed in moderation.

    5. Strawberriesare high in fiber, high in sweetness, and prone to pesticide residues. Please pay attention to the proper amount when feeding, and remove the strawberry stems before feeding.

      Absolutely untouchable fruit

      1. Grapescontain high levels of phosphorus and lithium ions, and grape seeds contain polyphenols, which cannot be metabolized by dogs. Whether it is grapes or raisins, it will cause dogs to vomit, diarrhea, and even risk of kidney failure.

      2. Cherriescontain alkaloids, causing cats and dogs to have short breathing, rapid heartbeat, shock and kidney burden.

      3. Sugar cane is relatively coarse and difficult to digest.  Dogs Under 10kgare not recommended for consumption. Small dogs have a small intestinal caliber and are prone to blockage.

      4. Lemonstimulating the digestive tract of dogs can easily cause diarrhea, vomiting, photophobia and other symptoms.

      5. Avocadocontains Persin chemicals, which can cause gastrointestinal problems, difficulty breathing, high fever, etc. in dogs. If eaten in large quantities, it can seriously cause the death of dogs.

        Taboos on fruit feeding

        Taboo 1: control the amount of fruit given

        Any fruit is just a tasting. Do not overfeed. Overdose can easily cause indigestion and diarrhea. In addition, pay attention to the cut size of the fruit. Too large a piece may cause the risk of obstruction of the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract.

        Taboo 2: Do not let the dog eat the core

        Do not give the whole fruit directly. If the fruit falls on the ground, it must be picked up immediately, and it must also be thrown in a covered trash bin when discarded.

        If your dog accidentally eats the core, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and you should not take it lightly because of the temporary absence of symptoms! Because the core can stay in the stomach for a period of time without causing blockage, if the core falls into the intestine to cause blockage and rupture, it is life-threatening. Although fruit is a daily thing for us, it is not completely suitable for dogs, and it is not a good thing for them to eat more fruit.