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CHOWSING is a pet product brand, focusing on design and innovation,

which was founded with our brand philosophy-"pursuit of simple happiness” in 2004 .

 Why we start this brand?

Every cat deserves a forever home and live in harmony with pet owners.

In the early days, I had adopted a dog called Oscar and a cat called Millie with my wife. We often walked the dog outside in the morning or at weekend. But we rarely bring the cat out, even we had ever thought about to abandon her because of the bad smell of the cat litter around our house. At the moment we open the door when back from work, the overwhelming stinks pushes me out, although we clean the litter box everyday. Especially the party time on holidays, my friends or relatives would come to our apartment, the smell makes me embarrassing.

But Millie is so sweet and brings us so much fun, she’s my family, we can not let her go. When I Proposed the idea of founding a pet brand to design and invent convenient and healthy pet products with some of my friends who also were pet lovers, they gave me incredible support and began the career with me. That's how CHOWSING came into being.

CHOWSING designs pet products focusing on fulfilling the real needs of pets and pet-raising families, to promote a natural and harmonious lifestyle for pets and owners.

In the past 16 years, CHOWSING has invented numerous dog/cat products in 14 categories that serve over 100 million pets globally. Especially the revolutionary products-Chowsing Tofu Cat litter, which is the world’s best and innovative cat litter.

Considering not just from human perspective but also pet needs for plentiful living products with practical functions, today in pet industry, CHOWSING is one of the leading brands that focuses modern pet lifestyle by premium product-using experience for pet families.

Through quality products and services, CHOWSING aims to build up a holistic caring model for beloved furry friends, and furthermore, to create an easier, enjoyable, and modern pet-raising lifestyle full of "simple happiness".

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