A pet product brand focusing on design and innovation.Founded in 2004 in Shanghai with brand philosophy—"pursuit of simple happiness”, CHOWSING designs pet products focusing on fulfilling the real needs of pets and pet-raising families, to promote a natural and harmonious lifestyle for pets and owners.


In 16 years, CHOWSING has invented numerous dog/cat products in 14 categories that serve over 100 million pets globally .Considering not just from human perspective but also pet needs for plentiful living products with practical
functions, today in pet industry, CHOWSING is one of the leading brands that focuses modern pet lifestyle by premium product-using experience for pet families.


Through quality products and services, CHOWSING aims to build up a holistic caring model for beloved furry friends, and furthermore, to create an easier, enjoyable, and modern pet-raising lifestyle full of "simple happiness".